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Oakley Sunglasses.The Rudy Project Tralyx sunglasses stand out. They aren’t as familiar as Oakleys or other well-known eyewear brands, but they sacrifice little when it comes to performance.The Tralyx’s aesthetics hinge on the swooping, curved frame, which in the case of our test pair was a gaudy hue of gold, to match the Bahrain-Merida team’s kit. Fortunately, Rudy offers 12 color options for the frame.The frame temples have ample cut-outs but felt solid, not flimsy.Oakley Sunglasses For Men. With soft, rubber tips, the shades fit comfortably, and if your head is particularly small, you can bend the Tralyx’s rubber for a more snug fit.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.We tested the RP Optics Multilaser Orange lens, which had a mirrored finish that worked well on bright Colorado days. Perhaps this hue will be a bit dark if you’re riding in and out of shadowy forests, such as the hills around Santa Cruz or a New England trail. We also appreciated the lens’s gradient tint, making the top a bit darker than the bottom — it was easier to glance down at a GPS head unit.The Tralyx seems more inclined toward ventilation than full coverage, between the open, rimless bottom of the lens and the vent holes throughout.Oakley Womens Sunglasses. We appreciated the air flow on slow, sweaty climbs.

Oakley Outlet.At speed, the design didn’t present any problems for our contact lens-wearing eyes, but if your eyes are extra-sensitive to wind, the Tralyx might not protect as much as other options, such as an Oakley Jawbreaker. You could also consider the Tralyx’s XL lens size for more coverage. (We tested the smaller SX lens.) It is relatively easy to swap lenses, and Rudy Project offers an array of tints.The Rio 2016 Olympics will showcase a high-tech perspective when athletes don the latest in sunglass technology. From lenses engineered to filter specific colors to help athletes see their field of play with distinction, to lenses diamond-polished for exacting shape, companies such as Oakley and Nike have turned to technology to spruce up their latest performance sunglasses. Of course, they still believe in a fashion-forward design for it all.Cheap Oakleys.

Fake Oakleys.New for Rio, Oakley created a series of five performance frames hand-painted in its Green Fade collection, a tie to the original green the brand used in 1980.Discount Oakley. But it’s the Prizm lenses inside—using specific dye mixes to block and filter light wavelengths—that gets the engineers excited.Athletes see color in three specific regions: short, medium and long wavelengths. Oakley Sunglasses Sale.By using dyes in the polycarbonate “Plutonite” lens, engineers maximize color wavelengths sensitive to the color they want the lens to accentuate while sifting out colors in nearby wavelengths.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet. “We use the lens as a filter,” says Wayne Chumbley, Oakley vision performance lab manager. “We filter good light and bad light to make it meaningful for the athletes.”