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A low stride rate makes running harder. Increasing stride rate puts less load on your legs, and helps you feel less tired.It’s all very helpful, although I must admit the microphone does not always respond to commands.This is frustrating, especially when coupled with the fact you are running down a busy street repeating “OK Radar, OK Radar, OK Radar”, with each attempt to summon the coach met with more anger and profanities mumbled under your breath.I will admit to feeling like an absolute wanker one more than one occasion, when people stared at me while I spoke to my sunnies.Having mostly used MapMyRun, I will admit the plethora of real-time analytics available from Radar’s voice command is impressive and helps keep you motivated.Oakley Sunglasses.However, the product isn’t without its flaws.I found it hard to keep the headphone buds snug in my ear, with the product frequently slipping.Not only did this affect the sound quality, but it made it annoying having to push them back in — especially when this paused the playback entirely.Oakley Sunglasses Sale.And while the glasses do come with an interchange clear lens, I find it hard to believe anyone would wear them at night or inside on the treadmill.

The plus side is the product has a four hour battery life or up to six if not listening to music throughout the workout.All things considered, I had a lot of fun testing out the sunglasses and was impressed by the tech.Sadly, I would want some of the design and functionality improved before I would pay that price for this product.More Brains from Thunderbirds than Maverick from Top Gun. That said, I’ve had loads of compliments about how they look, and the size of them does provide a good deal of protection to my eyes, despite them not being wraparound glasses.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.One of the reasons I’ve never invested in prescription sunglasses is that this means I have to carry normal glasses around with me so that I can see when I need to take the sunglasses off – like when I go inside, or the sun stops shining.For this reason, I opted for some photochromic lenses – hopefully then I’d be able to see in the sun, and inside too.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.Riding in the sunshine of Sedona, Arizona, I was very relieved to be wearing sunglasses – the riding would have been awful without them, and I’m sure I’d have suffered from headaches with the glare.

Back in the cold and wet of the UK, I’ve  had no real problems with fogging – only when I’ve stopped at the top of a climb have they steamed up, and they’ve soon cleared again once back on the move.Oakley Womens Sunglasses. When riding the glasses sit comfortably on my face with no pressure points, and they’ve fitted comfortably with the three different helmets I’ve worn while testing them.Oakley Outlet.I’ve worn them in all manner of light conditions – including in the dark – and have had excellent vision regardless. The only thing I have noticed is that the lenses are quite slow to return to clear when going from sunlit outdoors to indoors – not so much that you can’t see (like with true sunglasses), but there is a slight feeling of peering through gloom until the lenses adjust. I only noticed this when heading indoors, and it wasn’t a problem out on the trail.After a few days of use, and presumably stretching a little, I found that the glasses tended to come off if I bent to tie a shoelace, or fiddle with my chain. Upright and on the bike – even on rough ground – this wasn’t an issue, but it was an annoyance when getting things in and out of my pack trailside, or getting ready for a ride.

I took them into my local optician for adjustment, however these particular glasses have Oakley’s patented Unobtanium material that becomes tacky with perspiration to offer a no slip grip along the legs. This means the legs can’t be heated as per many frames, restricting the amount of adjustment available. Shade Station offered to take a look at them in the lab, but since I was passing the Leeds store while doing my Christmas shopping, I dropped in there. The adjustments they could make were again limited by the ‘Unobtanium’, so I think the lesson here is again to try before you buy.Cheap Oakleys. I’m still wearing the glasses, and they’ve never fallen off while riding, it’s just when bending that the problem occurs.While it limits possible adjustments, the Unobtanium does seem to work to provide grip, as even when sweaty the glasses do stay on my face – providing I’m upright.Oakley Sunglasses For Men.Overall: I’m totally sold on the photochromatic lenses – for me it solves the problem of needing different glasses for different conditions, and in bright conditions I’ve really noticed the reduction in eye fatigue.

The Mainlinks are probably better suited to a wider head than my own, but the experience has allayed my fears about being able to get the vision right over the internet. With such a huge range available from Shade Station, I suspect I will be doing a bit of a try before I buy with frames from across their range.Spectrum’s Tekla S.Discount Oakley. Perry takes over the treadmill from Oakley’s Luiz Dias at a demo of the Radar Pace smart glasses developed by Oakley and Intel. The virtual coach talked her into turning what she had planned to be a light stroll into a brief run.Fake Oakleys.Intel’s Chris Croteau and Oakley’s Luiz Dias met with me this week to show off the Radar Pace smart glasses that will hit stores this Saturday, but they were careful to downplay expectations for this new consumer wearable technology.The smart glasses, designed jointly by Intel and the Luxottica Group (Oakley is a subsidiary), are “really just for runners and cyclers,” they kept pointing out.Oakleys On Sale. “We spent a long time trying to understand what kind of wearables athletes want, and designed this for them,” they emphasized.